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Song 4 Signup Package - Continues! 

For those of you on my mailing list, each time you get a friend to sign up for my mailing list you will be offered the song of your choice for free! Go to the Music Store page to check out my catalogue. Make sure you or your friend mentions it was you who brought them. And then let me know your choice(s)! Have a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by!

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L.I.F.E. - Part 1 Interview (EN)


L.I.F.E. - Part 1 Interviews (FR)

PROTECT YOU - New single - D:vision Records
Seeing is believing / Seeing from the heart that knows you’re feeling / Opening all the way / I am I am / Hoping is receiving / Calling on the love we once were needing / Giving it all away / I am I am / How can I protect you? / How can I defend you from the wrongs? / I’m happy to accept you / And let you in cause / Here’s where I belong / Even when I’m down / Even when I’m done / You rise the sun / Now I turn to you / In faith / I turn to you / You are the one / How can I protect you? / And let you in cause / Here’s where I belong

© 2015 V.Callea/R.Terranova/B.Hirsch
Love Is For Everyone - L.I.F.E. Part 1  

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L.I.F.E. Part 1 & More

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