Summer (Winter's Tale Mix by Stuart Sweeney) is now available on CD Baby, Bandcamp, Amazon, Itunes, Bandcamp & right here!
Cinematic & Orchestral music maestro, Stuart Sweeney, joins Alfa Kay & me for a sumptuous and cinematic mix of our new single, "Summer".

“Summer was written for what I, (among many), consider to be the most liberating & magical time of the year. Alfa & I had already written the original (to be released this summer ;), while our friend and partner, Stuart Sweeney surprised us with this most nostalgic and majestic version that we could not wait to share. We also understood the nostalgia that can come in waiting for nature’s warmer times and felt this would be a cool treat for our fans & friends.” Beth
I am delighted to be one of the featured co-writers/co-vocalists, (along w/Anji Bee, Shannon Hurley, Artemis, & Tyler Stone) on KARMACODA's brand new album, "LOVE & FATE". My duets with the lead singer, B., include "All For Love", "Message", & "We Don't Have A Lot Of Time", also featured on my new EP "Love Is For Everyone - L.I.F.E. Part 1." 
Love Is For Everyone - L.I.F.E. Part 1 (Self Raising Records 2014)
Some voices just don’t seem earthbound. They’re free to rise above ground fog and flit freely around our ears on angel's wings, singing their songs as if they'd been written just for us. Beth Hirsch has such a voice, and on her new EP, "Love Is For Everyone - L.I.F.E. Part 1", she uses it to make that title feel true."  
Andy Hill (Grammy Award Winner / Cinemuse Flanders)

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Combining the multi-talents of:
Bright Light Bright Light (Elton John)  Paul Simm (Neneh Cherry/Amy Winehouse) Forrest Robinson (Grammy award winner - India Arie/Angelique Kudjo)  Matt Winn (D*Note)  Matt Cooper (Incognito) Simone Sello (Billy Sheehan/Warren Cuccurullo)  Karmacoda

#1 for 5 weeks & in the top 30 for 3 straight months! 
WMNF's The Morning Show - December 4, 2014
I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Glen Hatchell of WMNF about the makings & motivation behind the new EP. To listen, go to, click on Playlist 2014-12-04 & select  Segment 3

Hope you enjoy and thanks again Glen & WMNF!

WMNF - Tampa Bay's Favorite Community Radio Station


Glen Hatchell - Host "The Morning Show"


Discussion: The New EP

Born To Love - Pop In Café - 21 Oct 2014 - Bobby Jocky & Xavier Derouin
 Come hear us play if you are in Paris - Oct 21st @ 9pm!
I am proud to announce I am playing with two of France's finest musicians, Xavier Derouin (guitar) and Bobby Jocky (bass).

This Tuesday we are playing at Pop In Cafe in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. We look forward to those of you who can join us and for those who can't, please feel to add your name to my mailing list or FB music page so I can keep you updated on all the latest news & upcoming concerts/events.
New Single! "We Don't Have A Lot Of Time"

Our friend and beloved music partner, Anji Bee premieres Karmacoda's new single October 3rd & October 6th, on her nationally acclaimed podcast, "The Chillcast", now sponsored by Machine FM. Thanks so much, Anji!

The mp3 is now available on and is track #4 on my new EP, "Love Is For Everyone - Part 1." Click on the Chillcast image for this exclusive listen and the Karmacoda links to purchase the single in the US & Europe.


Love Is For Everyone - Part 1 

Dear Friends/Family/Loved Ones,

Wishing each of you a Very Happy & Prosperous Fall Harvest. And, to those who celebrate the New Year at this time (in the Jewish calendar), L'Shanah Tovah.

It is abundantly clear that an ever increasing amount of chaos, conflict, and violation is dominating our world and state of humanity today. Personally, it is a great challenge for me not to succumb to the pressure and stresses of these times, let alone believe that things can actually change for the better between us. 

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