Cover photo:  Sascha Bertoncin 2014

Hello & Summer News!

Dear Friends,

Hope summer is treating you well & Happy July 4th to all my American friends! 

Next week, the DJ/composer Alfa Kay and I will be embarking on a musical adventure, filled with concerts, new recordings, and photos. We plan on playing a lot of live shows this year & look forward to the day we play in your hometown!

Here's our FB link in case you have not already joined us...

Kind Regards and we will talk again very soon!




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Beth's Blog

AlfaBeth in Germany This Summer! 

Dear Friends,

Alfa Kay and I have some very cool AlfaBeth happenings in July! 

First off is a midnight outdoor concert July 12th at the White Nights Theatre Festival in Mülheim, Germany. The show is free and the grounds are magnificent! It should make for a very special evening, so if you are in the area please do come see us...
Hope summer is treating you well and talk again very soon.

Kind Regards,




Pleased to meet you ;) 

Hello Friends,,,

This is my first official "blog" ever, so I thought it'd be good for those of you who don't know me or my music well to read up a little on my musical history.

I have worked with some fantastic artists over the years; so many different styles, flavors, texture of music, and vibrant personalities. There is no slowing down now either. Within the next couple of months, I will be announcing some new tracks with various artistic partners from around the world.

Stay tuned and enjoy taking a tour of… Read more